The Car Park

It’s been a week of bureaucracy… crazy, crazy bureaucracy! It’s also been my first week of trying to get something official done all by myself (i.e. without the help of local “handlers” who… Continue reading

From a Distance

The mountains of Central Asia truly are incredibly stunning!  We’ve taken flights around the region on a number of occasions, but the one last week was one of the clearest in terms of… Continue reading

Traffic Line Technology

Every four weeks I walk the few yards down the road to our local shop, punch in some details into a computer screen and desperately hope for the message to the right to… Continue reading

Hunting Our Neighbours

This winter has been incredibly mild – temperatures are regularly in the teens… and positive – not negative, which is what we’d usually expect at this time of year. That’s been a real… Continue reading

Everybody Needs Good Neighbours

There’s a well known saying here (there are many!): “A close neighbour is better than a distant relative.” The literal translation of the word ‘neighbour’ is ‘the one who shares the same shade‘.… Continue reading

Journey to the Market

So this week we needed some wood to build some furniture.  Join us as we journey to and through (!) the bazaar!  You get to experience the joys of the traffic and “driving”… Continue reading

Life Without a Manual

Imagine if, almost at a drop of a hat, you found yourself trying to live your life without any instruction manuals… Perhaps you feel pretty competent with the devices and systems in your… Continue reading

Where Your Heart Is

There’s a well known proverb in the local language: “The heart of the mother is with the child, the heart of the child is on the street.“ It is rare to see a… Continue reading

Pimp My People Carrier

It would be fair to say that public transport is brilliant here. There are multiple ways of getting round the city – all of it cheap and easily accessible in most of the… Continue reading

Distant Tales

There are some great tales and stories about the land in which we live and the surrounding region. Many of them are passed on from generation to generation by word of mouth. A… Continue reading